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Release Tour - The Southern Comfort Christmas by Barbara Lohr

The Southern Comfort Christmas
by Barbara Lohr
Series: Windy City Romance, #6
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 12, 2016

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The Southern Comfort Christmas!

A Christmas wedding becomes chaos for Harper and Cameron in this heartwarming romance, a sequel to Finding Southern Comfort. Families can’t agree about the Chicago ceremony and Harper’s heart sure isn’t in it. Her mother’s wedding gown isn’t the only thing that doesn’t fit. The impending celebration frustrates the Savannah couple as they’re swept into a frantic Christmas wedding countdown. When Cameron’s sidelined by a broken ankle, his little girl Bella reverts to bad habits. Only in each other’s arms can the bride and groom find comfort, while around them the planning threatens to become a second Civil War.

Cameron’s family refuses to travel to the “frozen hinterlands,” and Harper’s glorious wedding day frays further. Frozen pipes and water damage cause a change in plans. But even when the ceremony is moved to Cameron’s Savannah mansion, his family might be a no-show.

Harper’s friend Julep suggests a solution and Cameron’s mama reluctantly agrees to handle the menu. When the dreaded chicken becomes jambalaya, hope is on the horizon. A trip to Bleubelle’s provides the dress of Harper’s dreams, and everything seems to finally be falling into place. But not quite ... and that’s the fun of this continuing southern saga.

     After peeling off her lime green top, Cameron ran his hands down her body, sighing her name as if he’d just created it. “Harper, Harper. I can’t wait until I can call you my wife.”
     “I know.” Ever so gently, she pushed him back. “But maybe stuff like this will get boring. You know...we’ll be old married people. We might get tired of…stuff.”
     “You think?” His eyes dropped while she settled next to him. “You mean this?” And he kissed the tender warm skin on her tummy.
     She squirmed. “Nope, not that.”
     His lips trailed a damp path up to her collarbone. She thought she heard her skin sizzle. How could she be wet and hot at the same time?
     “When does Bella have to be picked up?” he whispered against her ear.
     In short tense gasps, she told him.
     “Plenty of time,” he said with satisfaction. “I do not like to rush things.”
     “Oh, I know.” Arching her back, Harper gave herself. In her heart, in her soul, she was already his wife.
     She’d never tire of his kisses, the way he fingered her hair, the way he paid homage to her body as if she were the most precious thing in the world. The cast made things a little tricky but they managed. “I always knew you were a creative girl,” he whispered after a particularly inventive move.
     “I make things up as I go.” The story of her life.
     He didn’t seem to mind. “I loved you from the moment I saw you.”
     She snorted.
     “I did so, sugga. From your kitten ears to that swishy tail. You were so cute in that costume. I did want you.”
     “Come on, you wanted me gone.”
     “Maybe. But not for long.” His eyes darkened. “You’re the beat of my heart, darlin’. Every damn breath I take.”
     Harper was liking this. “Always?” She fingered one of his damp curls.
     “Always.” His groan ran the length of their entwined bodies. “Not long enough.”

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Barbara Lohr writes heartwarming romance with a flair for fun and subtly sexy love scenes. In her novels, feisty women take on hunky heroes and life’s issues. Family often figures in her stories. “No woman falls in love without some family influence, either positive or negative.” Her series include Windy City Romance, which includes jaunts to Savannah and Italy, and Man from Yesterday, which launched in 2015. Dark chocolate is her favorite food group, and she makes a mean popover. When she's not writing, she loves to bike, kayak or golf. Barbara lives in the South with her husband and a cat that claims he was Heathcliff in a former life. For more information on the author and her work, please see

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