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This is where we will come up with something witty about ourselves to share with you. For right now, all we've got is:

We're Tabitha, Delene, and Margaret. We found each other through our love of books, and what started as a friendship based on Facebook and Blog combined giveaways, grew quickly into a desire to help out all the author's who we have "friended" over the past months and years. So we decided to create our own promotions company called Book Partners In Crime Promotions, and this is our blog that works hand in hand with that business to promote our authors.

We all have our own blogs, so please feel free to stop by and check us out and give our blogs a follow or our Facebook pages a like.

Thank you for stopping by!

A Closet Full of Books
Tabitha Collins Jones, Owner
Facebook: A Closet Full of Books
Blog: A Closet Full of Books
Twitter: @ScrapHappyTabby

Just The Write Stuff
Delene Yochum, Owner
Facebook:  Just The Write Stuff
Blog:  Just The Write Stuff
Twitter:  @Del227

Em & M Books
Margaret Hughes, Owner
Facebook: Facebook
Blog: Em & M Books
Twitter:  @MJHughes12

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